This is de ASCII® Factory
where intelligent robots are born.

Here, we melt the raw material that we use to make our outstanding robots: Metal. Remember only the best way serve our fellow humans; if a robot fails to meet the standars, it goes directly to the scrap-shredding belt.


He made an honest mistake: he thought his purpose was…
He was sentenced to the scrap-shredding belt. Now he'll have to face many dangers to escape the unforgiving Factory.
But don’t worry: He has what it takes to survive.

Help Ascii® find his way through all the metal junk. There’s items and batteries that will make the adventure a little easier.

Gather as many as you can
There are many to be found, but most are hard to get
Powerful and easy to use.
Shoot and destroy all the junk in your path.
Use it to get more batteries.
Attract the batteries around you without the risk.
Hurry up while you are invulnerable!
This sphere will protect you from most threats.
Tilt your iPad slightly to run or move around.
Has Ascii shut down? Shake your iPad to wake him up.
Water Mines might splatter your screen. Wipe it with your fingers.

There are many dangers
throughout the game. Know
your enemy and avoid
getting crushed.

Do you think he looks cute? Get too close, and he’ll explode.
If you touch it, it will splatter your screen. Wipe it as fast as you can!
Ascii can take a discharge of up to 900,000 volts; this bastard gives one of 900,001.
If you see a junk ball on fire destroying everything on it’s path, you might want to avoid it.

It’s only purpose is to crush the
metal junk. It’s efficient and it’s
always there. You’ll have to be fast
to escape from it!